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Livingstone Range board updated on divisional goals

Livingstone Range School Board established three divisional goals.
Trustees heard a presentation at their Jan. 17 meeting outlining outcomes and strategies to achieve these goals.
The first goal, literacy and numeracy, is that all students will create, acquire, connect and communicate meaning through literacy and numeracy in a wide variety of contexts.
The first key strategy is to promote literacy as an integral component of learning in the Kindergarten to Grade 12 education system.
The second key strategy is to promote literacy learning by communicating the importance of literacy development for student success.
The third key strategy is to support professional learning opportunities that focus on literacy in all subject areas and grade levels.
The fourth key strategy is to design and support partnerships and collaborative working models with education stakeholders.
The second goal, success for all learners, is that all students are engaged in meaningful learning that is appropriate, enhances his or her abilities, and takes place in positive learning environments.
The third goal, transitions, is that the unique learning skills of individual students will be supported in Kindergarten to Grade 12 transition plans and in preparing students for success after high school.
A variety of activities was described for each goal by one of the members of central office senior management.
“There’s lots of stuff,” superintendent Dave Driscoll said.
“It connects all the dots for us,” trustee Shannon Scherger said.
Trustee John McKee said the list covered everything he is passionate about in education.
Driscoll said that is because the board set the goals and staff is implementing them.
“There’s a lot of stuff going on in the school division,” McKee said. “A lot of very good things.”
Health and wellness
The board agreed to direct the policy review committee to draft a policy on health and wellness.
The board discussed when to have a mid-term superintendent evaluation and board self-evaluation.
Closed session
The board went into closed session at the end of its meeting.

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