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Pertussis immunization booster dose clinics in south zone

Starting Monday, Aug. 21, Alberta Health Services will offer a booster dose of immunization that protects against pertussis, or whooping cough as it is commonly known.
The booster dose will be given to children aged 10-12 with a birth date between Sept. 1, 2004 and Aug. 21, 2007, who are living or attending school in the south zone of Alberta Health Services.
The booster dose, which is free of charge, will be available for a limited time only — by appointment — through clinics in communities across the south zone.
A pertussis outbreak is ongoing in the south zone. A review of confirmed cases has shown an increase in breakthrough illness in children aged 11 and 12 who are otherwise considered immunized for their age.
The booster dose, which is safe and effective regardless of previous immunization history, will not only protect children in this age range from pertussis illness, but will also help control further spread of the ongoing outbreak.
In 2017, 289 cases of pertussis have been confirmed in south zone, of which 247 are linked to the outbreak.
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