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Province moves ahead with work in Castle parks

The province is working to upgrade Castle parks to ensure Albertans have a memorable experience.
A $20-million improvement plan is complete, putting in place improved and expanded camp sites, a day use area at Butcher’s Lake and comfort cabins at Beaver Mines Lake.
“We want to make sure the Castle parks are a destination for Alberta families in the years to come,” Environment Minister Shannon Phillips said Thursday in a news conference.
Phillips told reporters there are now 184 camp sites in Castle Provincial Park at Castle River Bridge, Castle Falls, Lynx Creek and Beaver Mines provincial recreation areas.
New fire pits, picnic tables, information kiosks and signage, vaulted toilets and trail improvements are part of the upgrades.
The expansion to the Butcher’s Lake day use area includes a new trailhead, washroom facility and additional parking.
“We will continue to build the Castle parks as a premier destination,” Phillips said.
Projects under way include new day use shelters and the creation of more than a dozen rustic camping sites capable of supporting RVs.
Four comfort cabin units are to open at Beaver Mines Lake Campground this summer.
“Those comfort cabins mean people of many backgrounds can book them,” Phillips said. “We see that people of limited mobility and elderly people prefer those comfort cabins and I’m pleased that we’re able to offer that service.”
Phillips said a pilot project is being developed to create small clusters of rustic camp sites.
“Some people really prefer that completely wilderness experience,” Phillips said. “We have no quarrel with that. What we want to make sure is that experiences are appropriately supported.”
Phillips also noted there is an accessible boardwalk and fishing platform at Bathing Lake for people in wheelchairs and with other forms of limited mobility.
The province is assessing trails in the parks to develop a back country system for improved cross-country skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing and horseback riding.
The province established the Castle parks in January.
“There are all kinds of experiences out in the Castle parks and we’re working to make it better and even more accessible for more Albertans,” Phillips said.

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