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Stray cats ‘a problem’ in Fort Macleod

The Town of Fort Macleod will consider measures to solve a stray cat problem.
The decision to have administration investigate ways of dealing with stray cats was made after council reviewed a letter from resident Cory Stewart.
“Fort Macleod has a huge stray cat problem,” wrote Stewart, who moved to Fort Macleod about a year ago. “We see them in all the alleys, in the streets and yards.”
Stewart’s letter was on the agenda of the Nov. 27 council meeting at Fort Macleod Library.
Town of Fort Macleod chief administrative officer Sue Keenan told council stray cats are a recurring problem.
“We get a lot of these complaints on a regular basis,” Keenan said. “It is a problem in Fort Macleod.”
Stewart said the stray cats defecate in his yard.
“I have a dog and I have had to take my dog to the vet a few times now,” Stewart wrote. “He eats their feces and he gets sick.”
Stewart said those trips to the vet with his sick dog are costly.
“The stray cats belong to no one,” Stewart added. “Who takes care of this?”
Stewart has raised the issue with the town’s community peace officers, with no apparent resolution.
The problem is amplified by people providing shelter and food for the stray cats.
Keenan said the Town of Fort Macleod doesn’t have the resources to solve the stray cat problem.
“If council so wishes and you want us to take a look at it, we will,” Keenan said.
Council approved a motion from Coun. Marco Van Huigenbos to refer the issue of stray cats to a strategic planning session.