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Willow Creek MD may add peace officer

The MD of Willow Creek may hire another community peace officer if there is money available in the 2018 budget.
In a half hour long discussion at the July 19 meeting councillors were told by chief executive officer Cynthia Vizzutti of the many demands on the time of the present three officers and that another officer would ease that burden.
“The difficulty we have is being in more than one place at the same time,” Vizzutti said. “We can’t focus in one area where there are problems as we don’t have the manpower.”
A new full-time officer would cost the municipality about $100,000 per year including wages, benefits, insurance, training and vehicle, Vizzutti said.
Coun. Glen Alm said any decision on it should be made at 2018 budget time and after the next municipal election in October.
“This should be a decision for the new council,” Alm said.
Vizzutti will do the preliminary work.
“I will do the number crunching for the 2018 budget, in case you say yes,” Vizzutti said.
The community peace officers have a service agreement to cover the Town of Nanton for 30 hours each week and the town of Stavely for two hours each week.
Vizzutti said a new officer, if hired, could cover Stavely and Nanton with the officer covering those towns at present moving to cover the municipal district full-time.
The three officers have a range of duties including rural patrols, patrolling campgrounds from May through October, enforcing by-laws, court preparation, traffic concerns, school tours and involvement in school events such as bike rodeos.

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