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Albertans urged to check naloxone kits

naloxone kit

Naloxone kit

Albertans in possession of naloxone kits are being asked to check the contents to ensure they contain two or three vials of the life-saving drug.
Alberta Health Services has been made aware of naloxone kits distributed to clinics and pharmacies in Alberta with the naloxone vials missing.
Alberta Health Services contracts a third-party distributor to receive, store and distribute naloxone kits to sites across Alberta.
Alberta Health Services is working closely with this distributor and a supplier of the kits to ascertain the cause and extent of the issue.
Alberta Health Services is urging Albertans to check their naloxone kits as a precautionary measure. Each naloxone kit should contain:

  • Two or three vials of naloxone (0.4mg/mL).
  • Two or three syringes/needles.
  • Alcohol swabs.
  • Gloves.
  • Breathing mask
  • Brochure

If a naloxone kit has fewer than two naloxone vials, or if members of the public require assistance checking their naloxone kit, they are encouraged to return to a distribution site (see a complete list at for assistance. Incomplete kits will be replaced, free of charge.