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Alumni volleyball players hit court at F.P. Walshe

Past and present F.P. Walshe school athletes hit the court this weekend to raise money for the school’s volleyball program.
With a goal of raising $2,500, the alumni tournament takes place Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5 at F.P. Walshe.
“My fondest memories and greatest friendships from high school were built through the sporting programs there,” tournament organizer Jordan Gunderson said. “When I was a teenager, I did not realize how much work was put in by others so that I could have the opportunity to participate in the sporting programs. Through organizing this tournament, and after helping coach the Grade 9 girls volleyball team in 2017, I got a taste of how satisfying it is to help others succeed.”
“Whether it is through financial support or leadership, I want to see the young people of this community succeed and be able to experience the things that I remember from high school as having such a positive impact on my life.”
The first tournament was held in 2014, with the second in 2017 following completion of the modernization of F.P. Walshe school.
The third F.P. Walshe alumni tournament brings former players and their spouses together with current players, and some community members who have contributed to the volleyball program. The entry fee is $30 per player.
“One thing that makes this tournament so unique is that it is one of the few opportunities that players have outside of high school and college to play in a tournament of all men or all women,” Gunderson said. “Most leagues in the communities are co-ed, and they are fantastic in their own way but going back to higher nets for men and more hitting and blocking opportunities for women really changes the game and experience for all those involved.”
The men’s teams are as follows:
We Got Tirone — Jordan Gunderson, Jordan Poytress, Tirone Parker, Matt Burbank, David Gunderson and Shane Cleaver.
We Played Club — Logan Gregory, Brad Burrows, Brayden Van Driesten, John Woynarowski, and Nathan Orr.
Young Guns — Ben Craig, Trent Ducharme, Ty Odney, Aidan Kidd, Landon Koch, Darian Atwood and Ish Brown.
Four of the Defending Champs — Thomas Gunderson, Mike Derricott, Jazzy Jessen, Aaron Poytress, Scott Jessen, Kristopher Orr and Josh Creason.
2006 Plus Zach — Jared Poytress, Anthony Burdett, Blake Hodnett, Zach Trotter, Shay Mandel, Andy Orr and Justin Zoeteman.
Team 6 — Mo Gunderson, Mark Perry, Dallin Orr, Dusty Orr, Mitchell Dirk, Andrew Orr, Scott Rude and Stuart Poettcker.
Following are the women’s teams:
Vintage — Sheri Malasheski, Liisa Gillingham, Kristi McKinnon, Chelsie Wolff, Randi DeJong, Keeley Cook and Lynn Kenler.
Decent Back in High School — Leslie Kramer, Lindy Lauder, Brittany Orr, Paige Burdett-Knauff, Janette Beers-Rude and Kristi Edwards.
Cool Moms — Kim Steed, Lauren Roelofson, Sarah Mendenhall, Stacey Daffy, Ashley Luther, Megan Gainford, Lindsey Zielinski, Lindsey Hogenson and Maren Coates.
The In-Laws — Jade Gunderson, Christie Burdett, Lyndsey Bart, Ty Onnerheim, Jessica Gunderson, Char-lane Gunderson and Kortney Orr.
Space Jam — Alex Garrett, Janelle Stockton, Abby Bourassa, Tiegan Trotter, Sheridan Goacher-Orr, Maddy Scout, Kenzie Phillips and Stephanie Crowe.
No Idea — Kirsten Burdett, Amanda Yunick, Sydney Plourde, Charlye Weir, Ashley Gunderson, Maddy Chambers and Kayla Weston.
New Kids on the Block — Sidney Wolff, Shelby Scout-Bastien, Ashley Smith, Tess Luther, Arianna Prairie Chicken, Hannah Poffenroth, Esther Oosterwijk, Grayson Archibald and Sydney Perry.
“People had the option of assembling their own teams or signing up individually and being put on a team,” Gunderson said. “The tournament has a good mixture of both types of teams. For those who sign up individually, I try to keep players with others from their age group and ensure that each team has players who can play the required positions.”
Players range in age from 14 years into their 40s, with the oldest players having graduated in the 1990s.
“The older generations have had excellent showing in the past with the men winning it all last year and the women making it to the finals in the two prior tournaments,” Gunderson noted.
The winning teams will take home prizes and a “Spirit of Walshe” award will go to players on the men’s and women’s sides who show what Walshe volleyball is all about — hard work, leadership, sportsmanship and having fun.
Games begin at 5:15 p.m. Friday, May 4 with the last game of the day starting at 9 p.m.
Action resumes at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, May 5 with playoffs beginning at 10 a.m.
The championship matches start at 4 p.m.

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