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Boundary wildfire remains out of control

An evacuation alert remains in effect for all of Waterton Lakes National Park as the Boundary wildfire is still out of control and has grown to 800 hectares.

All backcountry areas and hiking trails in Waterton remain closed, including access up the Red Rock Parkway and on water bodies.

The Boundary wildfire remains entirely in Glacier National Park, U.S.A.

The Southwest
Area Type 1 Incident Management Team has been delegated responsibility for the wildfire.

Parks Canada and U.S. fire managers are coordinating efforts closely and are in constant communication about fire activity and response.

This morning, a Parks Canada helicopter bucketed water on a hot spot on the north side of Boundary Creek.

The aerial crew coordinated with U.S. National Park Service personnel monitoring the fire from the ground.

The U.S. Type 1 Incident Management Team’s aerial crews used a helicopter-mounted device to bring the fire to the edge of avalanche paths where the rain and firefighters can more effectively extinguish the fire.

Highly trained specialists take into account weather, terrain, fire behaviour, fire control and smoke management before initiating burn out operations.

Higher humidity values moderated the amount of fuel burned out, but the operation resulted in creeping surface fire and intermittent torching of individual and clumps of trees in the fire guard.

Rain is still in the forecast, with 10. Mm to 20 mm of rain expected to fall between 8:30 p.m. tonight through until Monday.

This weather change may limit fire spread but will not extinguish the fire.

The Townsite, businesses and tourism opportunities are available.

Highway 5/6 including the entrance road to the townsite is open as is Chief Mountain Highway.

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