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Early Fort Macleod hotels had a special set of rules

Harry (Old Kamoose) Taylor was an early Fort Macleod businessman who opened the Macleod House as soon as the settlement was established.
The hotel prospered under Kamoose Taylor for 19 years. It was more than a hostel for travellers. It was a place of great revelry for town residents bent on a short drink or a long poker game, a wager at the billiard table or just the atmosphere it provided.
Old Kamoose had quite a wit, and it was prominently displayed in the list of hotel regulations in 1882:
1. Guests will be provided with breakfast and dinner, but must rustle their own lunch.
2. Spiked boots and spurs must be removed at night before retiring. Dogs are not allowed in the bunks, but may sleep underneath. Only one dog allowed in a room.
3. Candles, hot water and other luxuries charged extra, also towels and soap. Towels changed weekly.
4. Insect powder for sale at the bar.
5. Crap, Chuck Luck, Stud Horse Poker and Black Jack games are run by the management.
6. Two or more persons must sleep on one bed when requested to do so by the management.
7. Baths furnished free down at the river, but bathers must furnish their own soap and towels.
8. Only regularly registered guests will be allowed the special privilege of sleeping on the bar room floor.
9. Guests without luggage must sleep in the vacant lot and board elsewhere until their baggage arrives.
10. No cheques cashed for anybody. Payment must be made in cash, gold dust or blue chips.
11. To attract attention of waiters or bell boys, shoot a hole through the door panel. Two shots for ice water, three for a deck of cards.
12. All guests are requested to arise at 6 a.m. This is imperative as the sheets are needed for tablecloths.
13. No tips must be given to any waiters or servants. Leave them with the proprietor and he will distribute them if necessary.
14. Every known fluid (except water) for sale at the bar.
15. No more than one dog allowed to be kept in each single room.
16. No kicking regarding the quality or quantity of the meals will be allowed; those who do not like the provender will get out or will be put out. Assault on the cook strictly prohibited.
17. Quarrelsome or boisterous persons, also those who shoot off without provocation, guns or other explosive weapons on the premises and all boarders who get killed, will not be allowed to remain in the house. When guests find themselves or their luggage thrown over the fence, they may consider that they have received notice to quit.
18. In case of fire, the guests are requested to escape without delay.
19. Guests are forbidden to strike matches or spit on the ceiling, or to sleep in bed with their boots on.
20. Everything cash in advance. Following tariff subject to change: Board, $25 per month; board and lodging, $50 per month with wooden bench to sleep on; board and lodging, $60 per month with bed to sleep on.

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