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F.P. Walshe rewards teachers for dedication

F.P. Walshe school honoured retiring teachers Denise Getz, Peter Lavorato and Karen Krammer during an assembly on Wednesday.

F.P. Walshe school said farewell to some long-serving staff members.
Teachers Peter Lavorato and Karen Krammer received the Lifetime Achievement Award during an assembly at the school.
“This award is presented to teachers who have made a significant contribution to students at F.P. Walshe for a long period of time,” student Chelsie Harris said.
Lavorato and Krammer are ending 32-year careers in education, as is teacher Denise Getz who was also honoured.
Dino Scavo was also honoured at the assembly with the Most Inspirational Teacher Award.
Students and staff also said farewell to teachers Chris Schalk, Kristen Balaski, Scott Quan, Lindsey Currie, Jared Neiboer and Darren Jones, child and youth care worker Barb Smith, and teacher assistants Cheryl Gunderson and Naomi Faulkner.
Krammer has worked in education for 32 years, including the last 12 at F.P. Walshe school and Walshe Crossroads Campus.
Chelsie Harris said Karen Krammer was chosen for the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of the work she did building Walshe Crossroads Campus from scratch.
“Karen has helped around 100 students graduate from the Crossroads Campus, including 13 in 2018,” Chelsie said.
F.P. Walshe school principal Sterling Paiha praised Krammer for her work at Crossroads Campus.
“Karen started the outreach school from scratch,” Paiha said. “It has become an example not only in the district but in southern Alberta of how an outreach school is run.”
Paiha said Krammer cares deeply for each of her students.
“She is fighting on behalf of the students, doggedly and determinedly,” Paiha said. “She is as smart about educational matters as any teacher I know.”
“She is also a deeply caring person and the reason that she puts hear heart and soul into it is because she cares so much.”
Student Matt Possin presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Peter Lavorato, who has taught 32 years at F.P. Walshe school.
“That’s a lot of dedication and a huge contribution to the school,” Matt said.
Matt said he has heard stories from people the man they call “Lav” has taught, having to do with horrible jokes, classroom pets, and pride in his Italian heritage.
Lavorato also coached golf and baseball teams at F.P. Walshe school.
Paiha lamented that he only got to work at F.P. Walshe for two years with Lavorato.
“Mr. Lavorato is kind of a throwback to a different time in teaching,” Paiha said. “But he is also very much still on the front edge of teaching.”
Paiha said Lavorato is popular with students for all the right reasons.
“Lav, you’re a very, very special teacher,” Paiha said. “You’ve been here for your entire career and that in itself is very remarkable.”
Paiha thanked Lavorato for the difference he made in the lives of students and staff over the decades.
Paiha said Denise Getz did an outstanding job teaching at Crossroads Campus, and had a huge impact on many students when she came into F.P. Walshe this year.
“Denise is always on their side,” Paiha said. “When I’m in a conversation with Denise about a kid, she’s going to fight for them the same way that a parent would fight for them.”
“She cares deeply, she is amazingly smart at what she does and she cares very deeply for the kids.”
Rebecca Runions said student council wanted to honour an “unsung hero” this year with the Inspirational Teacher Award and found a fitting recipient in Dino Scavo.
Rebecca, the Class of 2018 valedictorian, said Scavo made a significant difference in the education of many students.
“I would walk around the school asking students who would be a good choice and they would say, ‘Well, I’m graduating because of this person’,” Rebecca said. “That was pretty cool to hear.”

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