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Fort Macleod residents stand against bullying

pink shirt day

Fort Macleod residents stand against bullying

Fort Macleod residents joined other Albertans who showed their support and took a stand against bullying on Wednesday by participating in Pink Shirt Day.
Ten years ago, two Nova Scotia teens started a movement when they wore pink to support a fellow student who was being bullied.
Now people all over the world wear pink to promote inclusion and healthy relationships.
“I am proud to work with our community partners in supporting Pink Shirt Day. Albertans who wear pink demonstrate that we will not stand by,” Community and Social Services Minister Irfan Sabir said. “We will stand up against bullying and make our communities safer for everyone. We all benefit when we embrace diversity, welcome differences and promote understanding.”
The Alberta government operates the 24-hour bullying help line 1-888-456-2323.
Tips, information and a chat service are available for children, youth, parents and other care-givers at
Albertans are urged to promote healthy relationships by:

  • Setting an example for others.
  • Taking responsibility for their mistakes.
  • Telling someone if you are being bullied or witness bullying.
  • Listening to those who are experiencing bullying, providing support and encouraging them to seek help.
  • Being respectful, kind and supportive of others.

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