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Fort Macleod session to explore traditional First Nations wellness

ronda reach

Fort Macleod and district residents have an opportunity Saturday, March 24 to learn about traditional wellness from Blackfoot elders.
Fort Macleod Affordable Housing is sponsoring a session titled “Traditional Wellness Through Storytelling” from 1-4 p.m. Saturday at Trinity United Church.
“This is an opportunity to come together as a community to learn from one another,” said Ronda Reach of Fort Macleod Affordable Housing. “Traditional Wellness recognizes wellbeing as encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person’s life.”
Reach said Affordable Housing has worked for years to support community members who, through life transitions such as family dynamics, may be struggling with housing stability.
There is much more to affordable housing than simply putting a roof over someone’s head.
“To address root causes of housing instability we recognize in order for all individuals and families to be safely and securely housed they need also to be well — physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually,” Reach said “A healthy and vibrant community is where there is safe and secure housing for all family types.”
“Traditional Wellness Through Storytelling” will be led by Kainai elders Winston Wadsworth and Gilbert Eagle Bear and Piikani elders Morris Little Wolf, Betty Ann Little Wolf and Jordan No Chief.
Participants will be arranged in a traditional Blackfoot circle, which symbolizes a tipi setting.
“Through storytelling the elders will teach us about each of the four quadrants of the traditional wellness areas; physical, spiritual, emotional and mental,” Reach said.
Traditional Blackfoot wellness practices will be presented for the benefit of everyone in the community.
Fort Macleod Affordable Housing is optimistic people will take the opportunity to gain some traditional wellness knowledge.
“We want the all community members to attend, all ages, Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, community agencies, service organizations and community leaders,” Reach said.
Reach said Fort Macleod Affordable Housing is hopeful members of the community will gain a greater understanding for one another in a healthy and caring community.
Fort Macleod Affordable Housing is also hopeful there will be continued opportunities to access traditional wellness practices on a regular basis with local elders leading the sessions.
For information call Jody Francis at 403-553-4481 or Vera Crowshoe at 403-553-5340, extension 2350.