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Jake Pratte to launch headliner show at Empress Theatre

jake pratte

Jacquelyn Pratte, also known as Jake, will perform in concert at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 12 at the Empress Theatre.

Jacquelyn Pratte will launch her new solo career at the place that stirred her interest in music and the performing arts.
Pratte, who was born and raised in Fort Macleod, will perform in concert at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 12 at the Empress Theatre.
“I’m super-stoked about being in the Empress again,” Pratte said. “I just love that place.”
All proceeds from the concert, which is the debut of Pratte’s new headliner show, go to the Empress Theatre Society.
Donating the proceeds to the Empress fits with Pratte’s goal of becoming a philanthropic entertainer, using her new headliner show to raise money for worthy causes.
This particular cause is close to Pratte, who spent hours in the historic theatre while her parents performed with the old Fort Players community theatre group.
Pratte also used her allowance to buy front row seats to the Great West Theatre shows staged at the Empress during the summer.
“People ask me all the time where the inspiration for my voice came from,” Pratte said. “It was me sitting in the front row watching the show.”
“Really, the Empress is a huge part of where the music was born in me. It was from my time at the Empress as a kid.”
Pratte has extensive experience performing on cruise ships as the piano vocalist in the piano bar, most recently with Princess Cruise Lines.
Two years ago, Pratte went into the studio to record her first CD, titled Ignition.
“I decided last year I wanted to establish my career here in Canada,” Pratte said. “I decided I wanted to put together a headliner show so that if I did go back to ships, I could go back as a headliner.”
Pratte has crafted a two-hour concert filled with about 20 songs, made up of about 75 per cent of her own original compositions with some popular covers.
“I picked the songs that resonate with me,” Pratte said. “The songs were chosen to tell the story that I’m trying to tell.”
That story is about Pratte’s own path in life, a troubador tale her journey to find her passion in life.
Pratte will be accompanied by hand percussionist Brian Cole, a music student at Red Deer College.
Also joining Pratte on stage for one song will be Jackie Anderson-Lea and Mike Orr, two fellow 1992 F.P. Walshe school grads.
The trio performed at their own grad, and on Saturday will reprise the grad song co-written by Pratte and fellow F.P. Walshe alumni Dallas DeSmit and Ira Provost.
Pratte admits to a case of the nerves after booking the show in her home town theatre, which she hopes will be filled with family and friends in support of her, and the Empress Theatre.
“I had a little bit of self-doubt, thinking, ‘What did I do?'” Pratte said with a laugh of the pressure of performing in her home town. “But I thought about it and now I’m excited about it . . . I’m super-stoked to share this with the people in my home town.”
“I haven’t lived in Fort Macleod for a long time but I love it,” said Pratte, who now lives on an acreage in central Alberta. “If all goes well and I’m successful in my music career, I want to make sure that I carry the town with me.”