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Jason Stockton, Hayden Archibald nominated for Clint Jordan Award

hayden archibald

Hayden Archibald, the Pee Wee Mavericks nominee for the Clint Jordan Award Memorial Award, accepted his plaque from Al Douglas.

jason stockton

Al Douglas presented the Clint Jordan Memorial Award to Jason Stockton of the Midget Mavericks.

Jason Stockton capped his Fort Macleod Minor Hockey career with the Clint Jordan Memorial Award.
The Midget Mavericks defenceman received the prestigious award during the Minor Hockey awards at the Empress Theatre.
“This is an award to recognize passion, determination, dedication and drive — not just skill set,” Minor Hockey board member Jason Austin said.
The award first presented in the 1990-’91 season is named for a Fort Macleod Minor Hockey player who died suddenly.
The 2017-’18 season nominees were Hayden Archibald of the Pee Wee Mavericks and Stockton.
“When the board meets to discuss the nominees that are put forward by their coaches, we speak to the criteria of dedication, that isn’t measured by skill,” Austin said. “We speak of determination, that isn’t measured by goals and assists.”
“Tenacity speaks to character, and not the most perfect skating stride.
Midget Mavericks head coach Cam Burrows introduced his team’s nominee.
Burrows noted the award recognizes hard work, dedication, sportsmanship and team play.
“The Midget Mavericks have a number of players who fit this mold,” Burrows said. “It was a tough decision.”
Burrows said Stockton understands both the offensive and defensive responsibilities of a well-rounded hockey player.
“His defensive play is second to none, and he has the ability to identify the opportunity to join the rush that often turns the game in our favour,” Burrows said.
Burrows said Stockton showed dedication through near-perfect attendance at both practices and games, suiting up for all 15 regular season and five playoff games.
“There were a few occasions when Jason was not feeling 100 per cent but came to practice when others might have opted out,” Burrows said.
Stockton’s strong work ethic and a desire to protect his teammates sometimes landed him in the penalty box as he racked up 64 penalty minutes.
Burrows noted, however, that as a true sportsman Stockton left his aggression on the ice.
The coach pointed to the two goals and nine assists Stockton amassed during the regular season to go with two goals and two assists during the playoffs, as evidence of team play.
“It shows his willingness to move the puck and use his teammates for a successful outcome,” Burrows said. “He gets along with all his teammates and tries to encourage them to do their best.”
Pee Wee Mavericks head coach Randy Keller echoed Burrows’ comments about the difficulty in singling out one player to nominate.
“It’s tough to pinpoint one kid for this when you have 12 kids who show up and give it their all every night,” Keller said.
Hayden Archibald had 94 per cent attendance at games and practices, Keller noted.
“He had a work ethic that made him work hard in practices and even harder in games,” Keller added.
Keller spoke about the way Archibald carried himself as a member of the Mavericks.
“He respected his teammates, coaches, opponents, referees and the game, which he played honestly,” Keller said. “He never put himself before anybody, and he played the game with an edge but under control.”
Archibald was fourth in team scoring with two goals and 11 assists to go along with 30 penalty minutes.
“He would do whatever I asked of him and never complain,” Keller said. “He is a softspoken young man with a good attitude,”

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