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Explore River Valley Wilderness Park

Fort Macleod residents and visitors have easy access to a little piece of paradise.
River Valley Wilderness Park and its pathway system through the rustic beauty of the Oldman River valley is open year-round for your enjoyment.
Discussions among Fort Macleod residents that
something had to be done with the Oldman River valley led to plans that began in 1989. Initial plans that included campgrounds and extensive development were soon shelved in favour of a project that would include just enough development to allow people to enjoy the river valley in its natural beauty.
There is parking at the start of the trail system that awaits the visitor who is ready for a peaceful journey through the natural beauty of the river valley.
The pathway system is dotted with blue signposts on which description is provided of the various native plants that can be found in River Valley Wilderness Park.
There are benches in strategic locations to provide the hiker with the chance to rest and reflect in the park’s peaceful setting, and a playground.
The extensive pathway system and the gravel road that runs parallel to the Oldman River ensures that a person can take a different journey every time he or she visits River Valley Wilderness Park.
A walk along the banks of the Oldman River adjacent to River Valley Wilderness Park provides the opportunity to view an abundance of wildlife. To find the park, follow Sixth Avenue north over the green Mackenzie bridge.

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