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Pink Floyd tribute band coming to Empress

The Pink Floyd Tribute band PIGS will perform Monday, Feb. 12 at the Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod.

The Pink Floyd tribute band PIGS will be in Fort Macleod next month as part of a western Canadian tour.
PIGS: Canada’s Pink Floyd takes the stage of the historic Empress Theatre at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 12.
Formed in 1965 in London, England, Pink Floyd achieved international stardom and in 1996 were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Over the past few years, PIGS: Canada’s Pink Floyd, have toured extensively, and having won the hearts of Floyd fans coast to coast, PIGS will soon head into the U.S., with Pacific and East Coast tours in the works, as well as tour plans for Asia and Europe.
“People always say you should find a job you love — and we really love what we do,” said band leader Josh Szczepanowski, who plays the David Gilmour role.
Formed in 2008 in Victoria, B.C., PIGS honours the music of super group Pink Floyd.
PIGS has spent nine years meticulously getting the sound and gear right to re-create the live sound and concert experience of 1970s Pink Floyd and have been perfecting their craft in front of sold-out audiences throughout Canada.
“The crowd never knows what to expect when they first see us,” Szczepanowski said. “But I think from our opening song the audience knows they are in for a really great show.”
Pink Floyd’s live show was always a huge part of the band’s appeal — and PIGS have worked for years to keep that experience alive for new generations.
They have the voices, the mannerisms, the authentic gear, the lights, lasers, visuals, and the sound.
The band and their lighting, sound, and visual designers are all Floyd aficionados and are coming together to bring fans an incredible night filled with music, lasers, and the glow of a giant circular screen.
One of Canada’s premiere visual artists, VJ Photon, whose real name is Erik Nortman, has been PIGS’ visual artist since 2009.
He has brought his creativity and visual magic to delight Pink Floyd fans with an incredible visual experience.
“Our new high-end lasers really add sparkle and color that take the show to the next level,” he said.
For ticket information call the Empress Theatre at 403-553-4404 or visit

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