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Willow Creek MD finished with healthy surplus

The MD of Willow Creek budget resulted in a $701,000 surplus.
The surplus is before the finance department takes into account depreciation of assets, which could change numbers, finance director Johanne Hannas cautioned.
The surplus was helped in part by firefighters helping with the Waterton and MD of Ranchland fires and other fires during the year, with other municipalities paying the cost of firefighters and equipment.
That helped revenues listed as “other” to go from an expected $284,000 to $704,000.
“We would’ve had a surplus anyway,” Hannas said.
Total revenue came in at just over $12-million.
The big expense was for transportation, as it is every year, maintaining 2,200 kilometres of roadway.
Council budgeted $5.7-million for transportation and came under budget at just under $5.5-million.
The municipal district gravelled about 630 kilometres of roadway, laid down oil on 15.5 kilometres, and applied calcium chloride for dust control to about 22 kilometres of roadway, public works superintendent Roy Johnson said.
The municipal district also spent $2.3-million on capital purchases, mostly equipment for the transportation department, including an entire tire changing operation with a stock of tires, enabling staff to change tires for all equipment in-house.
Johnson said other purchases for the public works department included two new graders, a tandem tractor, gravel trucks, a new tire loader/backhoe, two halfton trucks, two zero-turn lawn mowers, a post pounder, and a utility tractor.
Libraries were on budget at about $107,000, spending on parks and recreation came in it $9,000 under budget at $295,000, grants to recreation boards were 173,000 and Family and Community Support Services was on budget at $197,605.
The cost of elected officials was about $25,000 under budget at 380,000, and the cost of general administration was also under budget at $1.58-million, about $224,000 less than budget.
Emergency services and by-law enforcement came in about $23,000 over budget, at $476,000.

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