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Willow Creek MPC reactivates gravel pit

MD of Willow Creek Municipal Planning Commission approved a development permit to reopen a gravel pit on a quarter section about three miles southeast of Monarch, on the south side of the Oldman River.
The MPC rezoned 44.32 acres at SE-32-09-23 W4 from rural general to rural industrial Dec. 20 so Tollestrup Construction can work a pit that was operating 20 years ago.
Tollestrup Construction plans to remediate areas that were not completed when the pit was last worked two decades ago, building a fence along one portion and tidying up the property.
Doug Atwood, director of operations for Tollestrup Construction, was acknowledged for his work to resolve complex issues of old easements, old workings, and where remediation work had to be completed.
“He (Atwood) has worked quite closely with the MD and has helped with this process to resolve these problems,” Oldman River Regional Planning Commission senior planner Mike Burla said.
Atwood told MPC members there are “several years” of aggregate left to extract.

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