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Activists stage events to protest using animals as food

Activists who want an end to animals being used for food occupied a turkey farm near Fort Macleod on Monday.
On Tuesday a smaller group was on Highway 3 just east of Fort Macleod with signs calling for the closure of Bouvry Exports.
“We are not a welfare group, I would say,” activist Angel Chen said. “We’re not looking for bigger cages and better cages.”
“We want empty barns and the end of animal exploitation.”
Thirty-five activists locked themselves inside the free range turkey farm operated by Jumbo Valley Farms, while another 45 protested outside with signs.
“We were there to bear witness to the living conditions of the free range turkeys,” Chen said.
One of the demands of the activists was that media on scene be allowed to tour the turkey barn to promote transparency of industry.
“We believe if everybody saw what goes on inside this free range turkey farm they would not purchase the product,” Chen said.
RCMP complied with the second demand or negotiating point that none of the activists inside the turkey barn be arrested and charged.
The third demand, which was also met, was that five turkeys be released into the care of the activists.
“We liberated five lives,” Chen said. “They go to a sanctuary to live out their lives in freedom and in happiness without being exploited.”
The activists were pleasantly surprised by the co-operation they received from employees at Jumbo Valley Farms.
Alberta Agriculture Minister Devin Dreeshen took to Twitter to condemn the action by the activists.
“This attack on a turkey farm is unacceptable,” Dreeshen tweeted. “Hard-working farmers and ranchers shouldn’t have to deal with harassment from illegal protesters. They shouldn’t have to worry about people entering their work, interfering with their lives or threatening the health of their animals.”
Chen said activists are willing to trespass on private property to support their cause.
“There are injustices that the truth really needs to be shown to the public,” Chen said. “Activists are willing to risk their own freedoms in order to protect animal rights and the freedom of millions of animals.”
They maintain there are alternatives to using animals for food, a message a smaller group of about 10 activists promoted Tuesday along Highway 3.
“We’re here just independently,” Chen said of the activists from B.C., Alberta and England. “We’re just a group of concerned citizens trying to raise awareness for animal rights.”
Chen and other activists know they have a big job ahead of them to convince people to turn away from using animals as food.
They’re convinced that raising awareness will eventually make that happen.
“Once we know better, we have to do better,” Chen said.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. Danielle Says:

    Not using animals for food at all is the reality of our future. Raising awareness WILL make that happen!

  2. Laura Smith Says:

    I am shocked at the extent of cruelty from a free range farm. Thank you for making the world aware of this. This should convince a lot of people to stop using animals as food.

  3. Lisa Pitts Says:

    If it weren’t for the animal advocates, who would report the atrocities. Sure wouldn’t be the ” hard working ” farmers. The regulations & acts are often breached, as our Provincial and Federal Ag ministers are very aware, from the amount of letters & phone calls of complaints they and the CFIA & SPCA recieve.
    These calls to action will not stop until animals have protection and laws are changed. This Turkey farm is one small sample of what has been witnessed at pig farms, cow & horse operations to include auctions, feedlots, live export of horses going to Asia. So Im proud of the people who are speaking up and doing something !