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Change of command for Fort Macleod cadet corps

Ed Liukaitis presented a certificate of appreciation from the Army Cadets League of Canada to Lieut. Werner Dressler.

Ed Liukaitis presented a certificate of appreciation from the Army Cadets League of Canada to Lieut. Werner Dressler.

With the stroke of a pen Thursday night command of the 2309 Fort Macleod Army Cadets changed hands.
Lieut. Werner Dressler gave up the position he has held since 2013 to Capt. Frances Ogilvie during a ceremony at Fort Macleod and District Community Hall.
“I really have enjoyed working with all of you,” Dressler told cadets and parents. “This unit has a lot of history and it has been an honour and a privilege to be the CO.”
Dressler said the cadets created many special moments for him, whether it was on parade, during Remembrance Day or in the Santa Claus Parade, and commended the youth on their pride and esprit de corps.
Dressler encouraged the young people to continue with the program and to enjoy the long-lasting friendships they have formed.
“You’re part of a brotherhood and sisterhood across Canada,” Dressler said.
The 13 cadets were inspected to start the evening and then paraded past their departing commanding officer.
Major Jason Pertson, Dressler and Ogilvie signed the documents confirming the change of command.
Dressler handed over to Ogilvie the officer’s swagger stick. The new commanding officer was also presented the cadet colours.
Dressler will continue to work with the cadets under the command of Capt. Ogilvie.
Dressler presented a commissioning scroll from the Queen to Second Lieutenant Remco Van Dijk.
“He’s earned this, and more important, deserves this,” Dressler said.
The cadets presented Dressler with a parting gift, and Ed Liukaitis presented Dressler with a framed certificate of appreciation from the Alberta branch of the Army Cadets League of Canada.
Maj. Pertson said rural cadet corps face many challenges, such as no armory and limited numbers, but Fort Macleod has met them head-on.
“Congratulations to you, Werner, for a job fantastically well done,” said Pertson, who is Royal Canadian Army advisor to cadets in this region. “There are so many things that are going great here in Fort Macleod. The foundation of the corps here is strong.”
Capt. Pertson encouraged the cadets to recruit among their friends and classmates.
“Being a cadet is a privilege,” Capt. Pertson said. “Not everyone gets to be a cadet at 2309. There’s over 70 years of rich history here.”
Capt. Pertson praised Dressler for strengthening the corps’ affiliation with the 20th Independent Field Battery, Royal Canadian Army, a reserve force artillery unit based out of Lethbridge.
“That relationship is one of the strongest I’ve ever seen anywhere across Canada,” Capt. Pertson said. “It’s fantastic that they have an interest in mentoring and developing our youth.”

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