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Conservative John Barlow elected in Foothills

John Barlow poses for a photo with young fans Clayton Lindenback (left) and Mychael Lindenback on Monday after being re-elected.

John Barlow gets a hug from a supporter.

John Barlow was busy Monday night accepting congratulations on being re-elected Conservative MP for the federal Foothills riding.
The joyful mood of winning his third election was tempered by the news the Liberal Party had won a minority government.
“It’s certainly a bittersweet night,” Barlow said in an interview at his election night headquarters in Okotoks. “We were obviously hoping for a much better result . . . but we’re happy winning here.”
According to the Elections Canada Web site on Tuesday, the Liberal Party elected 157 MPs, earning 5,915,950 votes, or 33.1 per cent of the ballots cast on Monday.
Barlow’s Conservative Party elected 121 MPs, receiving 6.155,662 votes across the country, or 34.4 per cent of the ballots cast.
Bloc Quebecois elected 32 MPs, the New Democratic Party elected 24, the Green Party elected three MPs and one independent was elected.
Barlow said the results across the country were somewhat surprising.
“No one predicted the rise of the Bloc,” Barlow said. “They were really nowhere to be found heading into this campaign so I don’t think anyone really predicted that.”
The Liberals elected 35 MPs in Quebec, the Conservatives elected 10 and the New Democrats elected one.
In Atlantic Canada, the Liberals elected 32 MPs, the Conservatives five and the Green Party and NDP one apiece.
“We were really looking forward to a good breakthrough in Quebec, and Atlantic Canada as well,” Barlow said. “We were hoping to get half of those seats back and that didn’t happen.”
Barlow received 52,907 of the votes, or 82.3 per cent, cast in the Foothills riding to easily outdistance his four opponents.
Liberal Cheryl Moller earned 3,765 votes, followed by the NDP’s Mickail Hendi with 3,641, the Green Party’s Bridget Lacey with 2,309 and People’s Party of Canada candidate Greg Hession with 1,668.
A total of 64,290 voters turned out in Foothills out of a possible 86,027.
“We wanted the strongest majority in our riding that we possibly can,” Barlow told reporters. “That was a goal that we had.”
Barlow couldn’t speculate Monday on whether he will have a place in the Conservative shadow cabinet.
“That’s up to the leadership team and we don’t even know who that’s going to be right now,” Barlow said. “I certainly hope so. I enjoyed those roles in the last two years and I think I’ve proven myself.”
In the meantime, Barlow is preparing once again for the role of Official Opposition in the House of Commons.
“Going into this campaign the thing I was most concerned about is I’ve never seen us this divided, I’ve never felt this kind of division within Canada,” Barlow said. “I think that has been exemplified in the results here tonight, that (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau is doing politics by division. He’s pitting east vs west, urban vs rural, and those who supported agriculture and energy against those who did not.”
“Now we have a very polarized country.”
Barlow said the Conservatives certainly have their work cut out for them when Parliament reconvenes.
“We’re going to have to fight very hard, those of us in the Conservative Party to try and stand up for those parts of the country that are vehemently opposed (to the Liberals),” Barlow said. “There are going to be some hard discussions within western Canada where we go from here and that’s very unfortunate.”
“I wanted this election to be about unity, about keeping this country together and protecting confederation, and I think that’s going to be very difficult.”