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F.P. Walshe school honours outstanding students

Brody Zmurchyk and Haley Cervo received the Danny Van Wyck Memorial Award as outstanding senior high students at F.P. Walshe school.

Carson Smith and Lance Felicien were named Junior High Citizens of the Year at F.P. Walshe school.

Haley Cervo and Brody Zmurchyk were honoured last week as F.P. Walshe school’s outstanding senior high students.
The Grade 12 students received the Danny Van Wyck Memorial Award on June 11 during the annual Blue and White Night awards ceremony.
“The students of F.P. Walshe school developed the Danny Van Wyck Memorial Award in the spring of 1975 to promote outstanding student citizenship and fellowship,” master of ceremonies Chris Baxter said.
The award for outstanding students was named for Danny Van Wyck after he was killed in 1975 in a car accident.
The Danny Van Wyck Memorial Award recognizes all-around individuals for their pleasant personalities, outstanding moral character, compassion and involvement in school life.
“These are students who are genuinely concerned about his or her fellow students,” Baxter said.
Van Wyck served on student council and played basketball for his school team, and was also noted for his compassion toward fellow students.
The award recipients reflect Van Wyck’s spirit.
“They show very positive character and they’re involved with the life of the school through extracurricular sports, clubs, councils and associated activities,” Baxter said.
At Blue and White Night the Junior High Citizen of the Year Awards were presented to Carson Smith and Lance Felicien.
The awards go to the most outstanding male and female student in Grades 6-9.
The recipients are all-round individuals with pleasant personalities and outstanding moral character.
The recipients are genuinely concerned about fellow students, demonstrate positive character.
They are involved in the life of the school through extracurricular sports, clubs, and councils or associated activities.