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Fort Macleod Chamber helps students find work experience

F.P. Walshe school students are getting help with career choices from a local business organization.
Fort Macleod and District Chamber of Commerce is working with the school to find students opportunities with local businesses.
Grade 10-12 students will earn one credit for every 25 hours spent in a work experience placement at a local business.
“It’s a great opportunity for these kids to get in the door and see what you do and what working is all about,” Chamber administrative assistant Ashley Nelson told members at their April meeting at Fort Macleod Library.
Chamber president Andrew Beusekom and Nelson met with F.P. Walshe school principal Sterling Paiha and Livingstone Range School Division officials to discuss the work experience program.
Students will fill out an application, indicating where their interests lie and what kind of careers interest them.
Students will be asked if there is a business in town that is of particular interest to them, and Nelson will then make contact.
“I’m going to try and match them up with their interests and what they want to do after school,” Nelson said.
Nelson and the Chamber will then match students with appropriate businesses.
“It kind of a win for everybody,” Beusekom said. “The business hopefully gets some prospects for future employees.”
Beusekom said the job placements will give students needed work experience they can add to a resume for prospective employers.
“If you’re a student it’s really tough out there to get a job,” Beusekom said.
Students will also be invited to regular Chamber and executive meetings.
“Just to give them a sense of leadership and how these committees operate,” Nelson said.
Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the work experience program.
Librarian Darlene Hofer said students have worked at the library.
“It’s been a good experience for us,” Hofer said. “The students we’ve had have been successful and it’s been a positive experience for us.”

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