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Fort Macleod Christians follow the Way of the Cross

Ronald Montemayor leads the Way of the Cross process on Good Friday in Fort Macleod.

Laura Martin takes a turn carrying the wooden cross.

Under cloudy skies Fort Macleod Christians gathered Friday to retrace the steps of their saviour Jesus Christ on his way to the cross.
Close to 60 people turned out at Holy Cross Church for the annual Way of the Cross procession that moves through the Stations of the Cross.
“This is a solemn occasion and a solemn day but it’s good that we get together to celebrate the life of Christ,” Evelyn McTrowe said.
People from different religious denominations took part in the Way of the Cross as Good Friday united christians from different churches.
Ronald Montemayor carried the cross as the procession got under way, with others stepping in to shoulder the burden along the way.
“The journey we are about to make is a special one,” McTrowe read on the steps of Holy Cross Church. “It is a journey that has already been made for us by Jesus.”
“However this is not simply a journey that Jesus made, but rather a journey that we all continue to make each day of our lives. Every step, every stumble and every victory that we experience each day has already been experienced by Jesus himself.”
“Together with Jesus, we shall walk the steps that led to a death, for we all face little deaths each day,” McTrowe added. “But even more, together with Jesus, we will rejoice in the resurrection that follows these deaths because the cross is not a sign of defeat.”‘
“It is a sign of victory.”
Participants sang as they moved to each station, marked by a small wooden cross with a purple ribbon placed in the ground around Holy Cross Church.
People took turns reading as the procession stopped at each station.
At the first station, Christ is condemned to death by Pontius Pilot, and at the second station he accepts his cross.
At the third station Christ falls for the first time. At the fourth he meets his mother Mary and at the fifth station Simon steps in to help Jesus shoulder the burden of the cross.
At the sixth station, Veronica steps from the crowd to wipe blood from Christ’s face. At the seventh station, Jesus falls for the second time.
The eighth station is where women from Jerusalem express to Christ their sorrow.
Christ falls for a third time at the ninth station and at the 10th he is stripped of his garments.
Christ is nailed to the cross at the 11th station, and his death is marked at the 12th station.
The 13th station represents Christ being taken from the cross, and the 14th marks his being placed in the tomb.
At the 15th station, the Fort Macleod procession celebrated the resurrection of Christ.
“We have journey these steps in a spirit of prayerful hope,” McTrowe said. “When we unite our sufferings and difficulties to those of our Lord Jesus Christ, our sadness and distress will eventually change into joy, vindication, heling and peace.”
“Though we may bear the scars of our hurts we will no longer be prisoners of fear, for we have triumphed through the victory of the cross and resurrection. Let us always be about our Lord’s work.”
Coffee and tea were served at Holy Cross Hall following the Way of the Cross.

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