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Fort Macleod council approves strategic plan

Brent Feyter

Fort Macleod council has a new strategic plan.
Council last week approved the document updated earlier this month during a retreat.
“It’s an extensive document,” Mayor Brent Feyter said. “There has been some additional goals that have been set.”
The strategic plan was on the agenda of council’s Jan. 14 meeting at the G.R. Davis Administration Building.
The plan’s vision states: “Fort Macleod is a welcoming, safe, family friendly, entrepreneurial and social responsible community with a multitude of opportunities for all.”
The mission is to manage Fort Macleod’s municipal affairs in a responsible, efficient and effective manner to the general satisfaction of the residents of Fort Macleod.
Council lists as core values integrity, responsible, collaborative, flexible and compassionate.
The 2018-’22 strategic plan builds on one developed in 2014 by the previous council.
“The purpose of the plan is to guide the town in its growth, development and livability,” the document reads. “The plan strives to include all aspects of sustainable community growth, covering aspects such as social, economic, cultural, environmental and governance.”
The plan is described as “a living document” that should be reviewed twice a year.
The plans sets out the following strategic priorities and objectives:

  • Business and residential growth

1. Solidify development readiness of municipal property.
2. Increase residential development.
3. Support expansion and sustainability of existing business.
4. Improve investment readiness to attract new businesses.

  • Beautification and promotion of the Town of Fort Macleod

1. Enhance the beauty and appeal of the town to foster community pride and outside interest.
2. Utilizing a collaborative approach, develop and implement a new marketing plan with emphasis on effective promotion.

  • Town infrastructure

1. Manage the necessary ongoing upgrades and maintenance of the town’s physical infrastructure in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner.
2. Budget for and act upon the infrastructure maintenance and upgrade priorities arising from the perpetual monitoring system of the town’s physical infrastructure.
3. Identify and invest in new infrastructure as needed, or as desired, in a fiscally responsible manner in order to better serve the needs and wants of the citizens of Fort Macleod.

  • Public relations

1. Improve upon the experience and satisfaction level of all those who interact with the Town of Fort Macleod council, administration and staff.
2. Develop enhanced communication methods and avenues to ensure there is two-way communication and a feedback loop available to all town residents.
3. Facilitate improved communications channels for members of town council to better communicate with residents and those with whom town council interacts.
4. Seek to foster broader mutually beneficial relationship with neighbouring Indigenous leadership and communities.

  • Safe community

1. Encourage and provide to the highest degree possible a safe, inviting and nurturing community for all who live in, work in and visit the Town of Fort Macleod.

  • Social responsibility

1. Preserve and share our historical assets, both tangible and intangible, for the benefit of present and future generations.
2. Encourage and support worthy initiatives to safeguard the environment.
3. Facilitate the availability of suitable housing for all.
4. Facilitate and provide services to enhance the lives of all within our community including the young, families, seniors and special interest groups.

  • Government compliance and intermunicipal relationships

1. Ensure that the Town of Fort Macleod in its operations, process agreements, by-laws, policies and all other matters governed by law are executed in compliance with the law.
2. In addition to the legal obligations to do so, look for and explore opportunities for intermunicipal co-operation in the provision of services and mutually beneficial initiatives. To continuously investigate opportunities for shared services and intermunicipal relationships.
“We look forward to working with administration,” Feyter said.