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Fort Macleod Library hosts art show

Mary Lou McIntyre creates a painting of her mother.

Lucy Bedingfield, a former teacher, gave art lessons to Enoch Possin.

A display of work by local artists at the Fort Macleod Library.

Janet Tilbe was at the library to demonstrate the art of psanky.

Fort Macleod celebrated International Artists Day on Friday with a display of local work at the library.
Some artists were on hand for the four-hour exhibition to demonstrate their work to the public.
“We wanted to do this so people can come and see the kind of talent there is in Fort Macleod,” Joan Sillito of the library said. “And we thought it would be fun to have artists in residence.”
Artists whose work was on display included Lucy Bedingfield, Adri Reimers, Rebecca Thomas, Jenny Van Herk, Glenn Hardman, Dyan Lockhorst, Janet Tilbe, Mary Lou McIntyre, Evelyn McTrowe, Dwight Taylor, Ryan Gray, Tara Asuchak and Trish Hoskin.
The art exhibition is part of the library’s effort to showcase local talent and to attract more people to see what the library has to offer.
“We would like to do it again,” Sillito said. “There were a lot of artists who were invited but were not able to attend.”

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