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Fort Macleod RCMP updates MD council


Sgt. Bryan Mucha and Cpl. Paul Bedard of the Fort Macleod RCMP detachment, addressed MD of Willow Creek council at its Jan. 16 meeting.

Property crime is up in the MD of Willow Creek in the Fort Macleod area. Sgt. Bryan Mucha of the Fort Macleod RCMP provided MD of Willow Creek council with an update. “That includes theft, break and enters, and possession of stolen property,” Mucha said. “There have been thefts of batteries and tools. Generally anything not tied down or being watched is being stolen, including copper wire.” Mucha said most of the stolen property is taken to Calgary and sold there. “They try to hide their movements by taking stolen items up there.” Mucha and Cpl. Paul Bedard, both of the Fort Macleod RCMP detachment, addressed councillors at their January 16 meeting. Mucha told councillors he is busy educating the public on how important witnesses are to police investigations. While there has been more criminal activity in some categories in the Claresholm area, Fort Macleod has a significant issue with opioids. Mucha said there appears to be a direct correlation between property crime and opioid problems. “We’ve moved away from marjiuana and crack,” Mucha said. “Hard-core users are now using opioids and meth. How do they pay for their habit? They steal stuff.” Mucha advised prevention is key to keeping opportunity thefts down. “Lock your doors,” Mucha said. “Keep your valuables away from being seen. Don’t leave your truck running in front of the pizza parlour, or it may get stolen.” Mucha advised those who see crime in progress or who have information that may be helpful to police get in touch with their RCMP detachment.

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