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Hans Hansma joins Hall of Fame

The late Hans Hansma, a Granum-area American quarter horse breeder, was inducted earlier this year into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

A Granum man touted for his vision and leadership in advancing the equine industry is among the 2019 class inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.
The late Hans Hansma, who founded the Quarter Horse Association of Alberta, was inducted last month during a ceremony at the American Quarter Horse Association convention at Fort Worth, Texas.
“Induction into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame is the highest honour possible in our Association,” said Craig Huffhines, executive vice president of the American Quarter Horse Association. “We welcome these deserving individuals into the Hall of Fame.”
The 2019 American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame inductees were honoured at the Hall of Fame Banquet on March 10 at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas.
The horses inducted into the Hall of Fame are the stallions Harlan, Mr Jess Perry, Tiger Leo and Zippos Mr Good Bar and the mares Trippy Dip (TB) and Vital Signs Are Good.
The three men and one woman who joined Hansma in the 2019 the Hall of Fame class were Billy Allen of Scott City, Kansas; Johne Dobbs of Gastonia, North Carolina; the late J.M. Frost III of Houston; and Jim Jennings of Amarillo, Texas.
Hansma promoted American quarter horses in Europe and was a founding director of the Alberta Stakes and Futurities Association, which has become the Canadian Supreme, the largest western performance event in Canada.
“Hans Hansma can be described as a horseman with an eye for a good horse and an emphasis on soundness,” an association video states on Youtube.
Hansma was born in 1917 and grew up around horses in the Netherlands.
“He nourished and nurtured that relationship throughout his life,” the video states.
Hansma and his wife immigrated from Holland and settled on 2,000 acres near Granum, where they raised five sons on their ranch, Bar H5 Cutbank Farms.
Sons Dave, Taco and Gerry stayed on the ranch and showed American quarter horses, winning numerous titles.
Sons Paul and Winston moved to Texas, where they are also involved in the horse industry and won major awards.
Gerry, Paul and Winston have been inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame.
“Hans was a leader who laid the foundation for a young horse industry in his home province,” the video states. “And he expanded it internationally.”
Hansma was a founding director of the Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association and the Junior Quarter Horse Association of Alberta.
Hansma was inducted into the Canadian Supreme Hall of Fame and in 2002 was awarded the distinguished service award from the Horse Industry Association of Alberta.
Prominent horses to come off Hansma’s ranch include Hicapoo, Crimson War, Super Holly and Future Frost.
Hansma bought his first American quarter horse, Lucky Five, in 1963. Since then he owned or was in partnership on top American quarter horses Doc’s Jack Frost, Super Holiday, Super Joe, Lightning War, Doc O Dude, Heza Quincy Dan and Peps Mr Doc.
It is estimated that Hansma individually or in partnership bred more than 2,000 quarter horses.
Hans Hansma died June 2, 1996 but his legacy flourishes.
The American Quarter Horse Foundation connects people and horses through charitable giving in order to develop and support programs or initiatives that preserve the horses’ legacy and further the overall well-being of the American quarter horse and the people who comprise the quarter horse family.
The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum fulfills the foundation’s mission by showcasing the hundreds of horses and people who have earned the distinction of becoming part of the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.
The inductees are chosen each year by a selection committee and inducted into the Hall of Fame at the annual convention.
They are also honoured each year at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame Dedication, which is a special celebration where the newest class’s display cases, featuring artifacts and information about each Hall of Famer, are revealed.
For more information on the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum, visit

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