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Micro producer of marijuana will bring life back to old greenhouse operation

The MD of Willow Creek Municipal Planning Commission approved an application Dec. 19 to create a medical marijuana micro production operation from a former greenhouse 12 kilometres south of Fort Macleod.
The project proposal first came to the MPC in October.
Mike Schaupmeyer of M3 Micro Producers then said the greenhouse facilities have not been functional in over 15 years.
Needed restoration will include recovering the formerly operational greenhouses and also repair of the main atrium roof.
Seven buildings will eventually be in use on the site.
Three buildings will be covered with new poly: Building 1, a 26 ft. by 29 ft. existing greenhouse; Building 2, a 26 ft. by 97 ft. existing greenhouse; and Building 3, a 26 ft. by 97 ft. existing greenhouse.
Building 4, a 25 ft. by 35 ft. existing atrium, will be the only human access point in and out of the facility, and will have its polyethelyn roof repaired.
Building 5, a 25 ft. by 25 ft. existing facility, will need shingles replaced.
Building 6 has a 26 ft. by 50 ft. existing foundation and plans are for it to be either future storage or greenhouses.
Building 7 has a 26 ft. by 120 ft. existing foundation and plans are for it to be used for secure storage.
There will be 24-hour video surveillance of the entire facility, with cameras placed in 17 locations.
An eight foot high chain link fence topped with barbed wire will surround the facility.
The business plan could have the greenhouse operating by next year.
The operation would run on a work schedule of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday and employ Schaupmeyer and Phil Roux as full-time master growers, who would reside at the location, with two full-time apprentice gardeners added at a later date.
The first harvest from the 13,000 square foot Belly River greenhouse facility is expected during the third quarter of 2019.
Anticipated yield will produce 300 kilograms of medical marijuana.
Two crops will be grown and harvested per year for a total production of 600 kilograms of cannabis annually.
No products for sale will be stored on site at the Belly River facility.
Immediately after harvest all product will be transported to a third-party facility licensed producer for processing waste disposal.

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