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Preparations under way for filming movie in Fort Macleod

Lucas Thiessen is measured for wardrobe Sunday during a casting call for a movie to be filmed in Fort Macleod.

Emily Watmough is photographed during a casting call Sunday for a movie to be filmed in Fort Macleod.

Fort Macleod’s historic Main Street will be transformed next month for its place in a Hollywood movie.
And hundreds of people lined up Sunday at the community hall for their chance to make the silver screen.
Hollywood stars Kevin Costner and Diane Lane come to Fort Macleod on April 10-12 to film scenes for the new movie Let Him Go.
On Thursday location manager Edsel Hilchie, assistant location manager Luke Antosz and other members of Getting Away Productions Inc. took part in an open house at the G.R. Davis Administration Building.
They told about 25 people the movie stars Costner as a Montana sheriff and Lane as his wife.
“It’s a feature that tells the story of a family trying to reconnect,” Antosz said.
Costner and Lane set out to retrieve their grandson who has been taken by another family living off the grid.
Crews will be in Fort Macleod likely from April 5-10 preparing for filming.
“Crews will essentially be dressing the street,” Hilchie said.
The location managers said filming will take place in front of the CIBC on Thursday, April 11.
Crews will film a car travelling north from Highway 3 on Second Avenue before parking in front of the bank.
“Because this is a film that takes place in the ’60s we make sure everything is consistent with the period,” Antosz said.
Johnny’s Restaurant will have a prominent role in the film, retaining the name but getting some signage consistent with the 1960s.
ATB Financial on Main Street will also undergo a facelift to become a hardware store.
“We’re going to put a taste of Americana in there and make it authentic,” Antosz said.
Next Home and Garden will be transformed into a liquor store while the Salvation Army Thrift Store becomes a western tack shop.
Main Street Fort Macleod will get its share of screen time as Costner and Lane take a walk.
“We wanted to get some shots where we can showcase the beauty,” Antosz said.
Main Street will be closed to vehicle traffic between Second and Third avenues on April 11.
Hilchie and Antosz said the movie crew will do its best to keep pedestrian traffic moving on Main Street during breaks in filming.
“This is an absolute priority for us, to make sure people can get to where they need to go,” Antosz said.
Merchants concerned about lost business while the crews are in town are urged to contact Edsel Hilchie at 403-651-1451.
“We’re not here to cause you problems,” Hilchie said. “We will work with you.”
Close to 500 people answered a casting call for Let Him Go Sunday at the Fort Macleod and District Community Hall.
They provided personal details and contact information, had their measurements taken and posed for photos.
About 100 extra positions must be filled for Let Him Go.

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