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RCMP promote crime prevention methods

Fort Macleod and district residents have a role to play in crime prevention.
The RCMP is promoting steps people can take to ensure their personal safety and protect their property.
“When we start talking about crime prevention, that is a hot topic in Alberta,” RCMP Sgt. Bryan Mucha said.
Mucha was a guest speaker at the Fort Macleod and District Chamber of Commerce meeting at Fort Macleod Pizza.
Mucha said crime in Fort Macleod is driven in large part by a transient criminal population as well as financial and housing security issues.
“All these things combine into people committing criminal offences or by-law offences,” Mucha said.
The RCMP has developed a brochure of steps people can take to ensure their safety and prevent crime.
General advice offered by the RCMP is:

  • Be aware of risks and situations that make you vulnerable.
  • Know the usual things that happen in your neighbourhood to better recognize suspicious activities.
  • Keep neighbours informed of suspicious activity.
  • Consider joining Citizens On Patrol or Rural Crime Watch.

Crime prevention tips
The police offer specific actions people can take:

  • Keep your home, garage and vehicle locked.
  • Secure sliding doors and windows.
  • Remove valuables from parked vehicles.
  • Light your entryways and driveway.
  • Use motion sensor lights.
  • Cut shrubs back so they don’t conceal windows and doors.
  • Install an intrusion alarm.
  • Install camera surveillance.
  • Report suspicious people or vehicles to police immediately.
  • Display your house number so police can find your place quickly.
  • Rural residents should know their emergency address.

The RCMP also advises people to keep an up-to-date record of serial numbers of valuable items, and to have a photo or video inventory of home and property.
Fort Macleod and district residents should keep an eye out for neighbours.
They should also be cautious about letting anyone they don’t know into their homes.
People should secure ladders or toolboxes that can be used as break-and-enter tools.
When you’re away
If you’re leaving home take the following steps to create the illusion of occupancy:

  • Have someone you trust check your home periodically, removing newspapers and flyers.
  • Have the grass cut, leaves raked or snow removed.
  • Do not post vacation plans on social media.
  • Have a neighbour park their car in your driveway or designated parking stall.
  • Use timers on interior lights and motion sensor lights for the exterior.
  • Turn off the ringer on your land line and set voice mail to pick up on the second ring.

Finally, should you discover a break-in to not enter your home. Instead, phone police immediately.
If you suspect someone is outside your home remain inside, turn on all the lights and phone police.

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