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Scouting program honours John Whitehead

The Chinook Scouting Foundation inducted John Whitehead as a 2019 Fellow. From left: Andrea Knecht, John Whitehead, Cassidy Knecht and Darius Whitehead.

John Whitehead received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his involvement in the Scouting program.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fort Macleod honoured members Nov. 10 for service to the Scouting program. From left: Linda King, Brent King, Dusty Litchfield, Bob Whitehead, Susan Griffin, John Whitehead, Brad Orr, Laury Orr, Stuart Foote, David O’Connor and David MacDonald.

John Whitehead (center) with other Chinook Scout Foundation 2019 Fellows at the Ranchmen’s Club in Calgary.

John Whitehead has dedicated 45 years to Scouting.
That commitment was recognized earlier this month by the Chinook Scout Foundation at a gala event at the Ranchman’s Club in Calgary.
Whitehead joined 12 other people to be inducted as Chinook Scout Foundation Fellows.
“John’s dedication and commitment to Scouting is remarkable and has contributed to the success of Scouting programs in southern Alberta,” the foundation’s citation reads.
Whitehead has 45 years of service with Scouts Canada and was recently awarded the Bar to the Silver Acron.
Whitehead served in administrative levels as the sponsor representative and group commissioner for 20 years, and at present is the group administrator and registrar for the 2nd Fort Macleod LDS Scout Group.
Whitehead has served on the planning committee for two training courses held at Camp Gardner for more than 100 Scouters from all over western Canada, and served on the planning committee for two Southern Alberta Jamborees.
The Chinook Scouting Foundation helds its awards banquet on Nov. 2, and a week later the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fort Macleod paid further tribute to Whitehead and other people involved in the Scouting program.
At the church ceremony, Whitehead received a 45-year service award along with the Bar to the Silver Acorn and a Lifetime Achievement Award.
At the same ceremony, Bob Whitehead received a 25-year service award and the Bar to the Medal of Merit.
Stuart Foote received a 25-year service award and the Silver Acorn.
Brad Orr and Dusty Litchfield received five-year service awards.
Susan Griffin was given the medal for Good Service.
David O’Connor received a 10-year service award and the Bar to the Medal of Good Service.
Laury Orr received the Medal for Good Service and a 10-year service award.
John Whitehead got involved in Scouting through his church while growing up in Claresholm.
His first leader, Ed Toone had a big influence on the young Whitehead.
“My Scouter was very influential in my young life,” Whitehead said of Toone. “He was a good friend.”
Whitehead enjoyed learning new skills as he worked to earn badges, and he enjoyed activities such as camping, hiking and fishing.
“Ever since then, one way or another, I’ve been involved in Scouting,” said Whitehead, who became a Queen’s Scout in the late 1950s. “I’ve had lots of fun.”