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Town allows ‘bistro’ setting on Fort Macleod’s Main Street

Fort Macleod businesses can set up outdoor patios on Main Street this summer.
Council last week approved a pilot project to allow businesses to put tables and chairs on the sidewalk from May to September.
“Given the width of the sidewalks on Main Street this is a very real opportunity to enhance service levels to visitors as well as to create growth for several of our businesses downtown,” chief administrative officer Sue Keenan noted in a written report to council.
The recommendation to create a pilot project and waive development application fees for 2019 was on the agenda of council’s April 22 meeting at the G.R. Davis Administration Building.
Keenan told council that a pilot project will allow administration to create a policy and review the land use by-law.
Businesses must submit a development permit application as an intensification of use or accessory use under commercial central zoning.
Keenan told council the permit would be approved to conditions such as:

  • Maintaining sidewalk access.
  • Bringing chairs and tables inside each night.
  • Weighting tables on windy days.
  • Restricting the maximum number of tables and chairs at each business.
  • Garbage receptacles and disposal.

“We will be monitoring it,” Keenan said.
Keenan said a thorough review will be done at the end of summer with the business community.