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Town of Fort Macleod introduces new theme, logo

Carmen Toth and Sue Keenan display the new logo that will be used for Town of Fort Macleod promotions in connection with the theme ‘Belong.’

The Town of Fort Macleod introduced its new theme and logo last week at a gathering of business people.
Carmen Toth of Adair Advertising introduced the theme and logo Oct. 8 during a gathering at Stronghold Brewing Co.
“Belong” is the theme developed over the course of a year in consultation with Fort Macleod residents and groups.
“This is the face of the brand we will be launching,” Toth said. “It is intended to make people feel welcome, accepted and included.”
“Please keep in mind that this brand will become real through the experience people have when they enter your shops and businesses. This is a brand that our town claimed and we can continue to build on.”
Toth said branding is what people believe about the town, and the experience they look forward to when they come into businesses.
The branding committee included Val Campbell, Sandi Davis, Joanne Lyke, Tony Walker, Coun. David Orr and Sue Keenan, chief administrative office for the Town of Fort Macleod.
“We worked out the plan and in the fall of last year began the focus groups around town,” Toth said.
Nine Fort Macleod groups provided input on the town’s strengths, what makes it unique and where it should be positioned.
Feedback included that Fort Macleod has strong community spirit, is family-oriented, offers lots of services and that people work together.
Fort Macleod was also noted for making people feel welcome, is a great, safe place to raise a family and has resources on par with big cities.
That led to a logo being developed with images representing the historic downtown, the Rockies, Oldman River, Fort Museum, wheat fields, wind turbines, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and the movie industry.
“The slogan that was chosen is ‘Belong’,” Toth said. “This theme was mentioned in all of our groups.”
“Every group spoke to the people here — the camaraderie, the welcoming feeling that they enjoy, the many groups that made you feel at home.”
Toth said the theme and logo are user-friendly and allows the town to promote that families, visitors, athletes and the arts all belonging Fort Macleod.
Examples of copy that can run with the theme include:
“Live and work where prairies and hills meet the mountains, where the sky and land blend into one. Put a stake in the ground and call that place your own. Because it’s where you belong.”
“Live and work where tradition and culture thrive, where people from all backgrounds share their histories together. Feel a part of that community and call that place your own. Because it’s where you belong.”
Keenan thanked Toth for her work on the project.
“She has put in a lot of hours and a lot of work and I think you’re going to be thrilled — I know I am — with the direction that we’re headed,” Keenan said.
Samples of beer and ginger beer were available, along with hors d’oeuvre and cold cuts prepared by M&A Catering.
The wine and cheese event is held annually by the Town of Fort Macleod to encouraging networking and show appreciation for local businesses.
“Business is one of the key players in the success of our town and doing it together with all of you is our privilege,” Fort Macleod Mayor Brent Feyter said. “We appreciate every one of you.”