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Town of Fort Macleod won’t collect supplementary tax

The Town of Fort Macleod will not collect a supplementary tax this year on properties that have been improved since they were assessed.
Council voted against enacting a supplementary tax by-law during its Feb. 25 meeting at the G.R. Davis Administration Building.
Chief financial officer Kris Holbeck presented By-law No. 1891 to council, noting a supplementary tax assessment is considered on an annual basis.
“I know there has been some discussion whether council wants a supplementary requisition,” Holbeck said.
Holbeck explained a supplementary assessment reflects the increase in value of a property during the current tax year.
That occurs when new construction is completed or occupied during the current tax year, or when a major renovation or addition is completed on an existing home or building.
Holbeck explained the supplementary tax is calculated by multiplying the supplementary assessment by the applicable tax rate and pro-rating it based on the number of months the building has been completed or occupied.
The Town of Fort Macleod has taken in the following amounts through the supplementary tax: 2018 — $20,868; 2017 — $10,304; and 2016 — $11,417.
Coun. Marco Van Huigenbos opposed collecting a supplementary tax.
“Is that not the least we can do for people who are willing to invest in our community?” Van Huigenbos said.
Van Huigenbos said people spend considerable amounts of money to improve their businesses or homes, which benefits the community at large.
Van Huigenbos said the supplementary tax, while not a great amount, is an added burden on people who invest in the town.
Few communities outside of the cities collect supplementary taxes, Van Huigenbos added.
A motion to give first reading to By-law No. 1891 was defeated.

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