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YWCA supports sexual violence victims

The YWCA Amethyst Project began its third year of providing supports to victims of sexual violence.
The Amethyst Project provides advocacy and support to individuals and families impacted by sexual violence in Lethbridge and surrounding communities.
The Amethyst Project is a victim-centered, victim-directed service that provides 24/7 crisis support and responds to all disclosures of sexual violence at the emergency room.
The Amethyst Project also provides the Third Option for those disclosing at the hospital.
Prior to Amethyst if someone disclosed sexual violence, they would have two options: being treated medically or reporting to police and having a sexual assault kit completed.
The Third Option allows victims to have a sexual assault kit completed and they would have up to one year to decide if they want to pursue the criminal justice route.
Providing someone crisis support and the opportunity of time to make their decision, supports healing and recovery, thereby reducing stress and giving victims more control.
The Amethyst Project provides education and awareness to service providers, youth, and general public about sexual violence and forms of abuse associated with sexual violence, such as sexual abuse, digital/ cyber abuse, bystander engagement, and healthy relationships.

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