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Delivering gifts to Fort Macleod doorsteps

Sample gift baskets that people are dropping off on the doorsteps of others through the Fort Macleod Ninjas group.

There are ninjas at work in Fort Macleod in the midst of the pandemic.
These ninjas are using their powers for good — dropping off gifts at the doorsteps of unsuspecting citizens to brighten their day.
Jackie Nelson joined an Alberta group on Facebook and decided to create a Fort Macleod page.
“Our group has already 180-plus people in it and everyone seems to be having a blast taking part,” Nelson said.
In order to take part, people add their addresses in the comments in a Facebook album along with their interests and whether they have children.
People also list their favourite beverage and their hobbies and interests.
Other people go down the list and pick others to “ninja” by dropping off gifts on their doorsteps.
“The idea is not to get caught doing so,” Nelson explained.
People on the receiving end of the gifts go to the Facebook page and post that they have been ninja-ed.
“People are posting photos of their little baskets,” Nelson said.
Nelson’s children have received two baskets.
“They are so excited when they open the door and see two packages waiting there for them,” said Nelson, who was also the recipient of a bottle of wine and a few treats. “It is so much fun and it sure brings smiles to people’s faces.”
To participate, find the Fort Macleod Ninjas on Facebook and ask to join the group.

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