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Empress Theatre cancels drama camps

The summer drama camps at the Empress Theatre have fallen victim to COVID-19.

The province’s requirements for staging the camps during the pandemic were too overwhelming, theatre executive director Margaret Ann Bianco said.

“I’ve had to disappoint three very eager summer students who have been with us over the years and all of the little young thespians who love to get onto the Empress stage,” Bianco said.

“With the restrictions it just would not have been a fun camp.”

Bianco broke the news about the summer drama camp cancellation to Fort Macleod Chamber of Commerce members during their June meeting Thursday via Zoom.

Bianco said the decision to cancel the drama camps weighed heavily, knowing how many people will be disappointed with the decision.

“It was something the parents and even the children were looking forward to, having that release,” Bianco said. “I send my heart out to all of them.”

The province would require the drama camp children to wear masks and gloves, and they would not be allowed to touch the same surfaces.

The children would have to be six feet apart and could not play in the same area.

Further, the drama camp children would not be allowed to sing, as a preventative measure to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“We were told that each time a child went down into the washroom, the washroom had to be sanitized,” Bianco said.