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F.P. Walshe school honours outstanding students

F.P. Walshe school on Friday honoured two Grade 12s as the 2020 outstanding students.

Shelby Scout-Bastien and Zelwyn Hugo received the annual Danny Van Wyck Memorial Award.

“Someone once said to me there are two types of people in this world,” assistant principal Randy Bohnet said. “There’s givers and there’s takers.”

Bohnet characterized both Shelby and Zelwyn as givers.

Shelby Scout-Bastien was the female recipient of the Danny Van Wyck Memorial Award as F.P. Walshe school’s outstanding student.

“Givers reach out and add to the world in a positive way,” Bohnet added. “Givers don’t feel entitled, they’re rather appreciative and grateful for what they get. Givers find, or are the solution to problems.”

The awards were presented Friday during the Class of 2020’s graduation celebration on the school’s front lawn.

The award for outstanding students was named for Danny Van Wyck after he was killed in 1975 in a car accident.

The Danny Van Wyck Memorial Award recognizes all-around individuals for their pleasant personalities, outstanding moral character, compassion and involvement in school life.

Van Wyck served on student council and played basketball for his school team, and was also noted for his compassion toward fellow students.

The award recipients reflect Van Wyck’s spirit, demonstrate positive character and are involved with the life of the school through extracurricular sports, clubs, councils and associated activities.

“Shelby is a giver,” Bohnet said. “She was here all the time.”

“The Dali Lama said love and compassion are necessities in this life, not luxuries. Without them mankind would not survive.”

“Compassion is the selfless awareness of the interdependence of all of us, and so it’s a rare and innate ability that some people have to not be so self-absorbed with themselves and look out in the world and see what is going on.”

“Shelby is that kind of person. She excels in the ability to see a need and then take action.”

During Friday’s celebration, Shelby also received the Fort Macleod Rotary Local Leadership Award,  the F.P. Walshe Extracurricular Leadership Award and the Piikani Youth and Education Foundation Award.

Bohnet told the audience Zelwyn was F.P. Walshe school’s nominee for the prestigious Lloyd Cavers scholarship for leadership awarded by Livingstone Range School Division.

Zelwyn Hugo was the male recipient of the Danny Van Wyck Memorial Award as F.P. Walshe school’s outstanding student.

“Zelwyn has a humility about him that is infectious,” Bohnet said.

Bohnet observed that when other students are in Zelwyn’s company, they tend to speak and act in a more mature manner.

“He just has a natural humility about him and a caring for his fellow beings that is just infectious,” Bohnet said.

Bohnet said humility leads to compassion for others, and being teachable is inherent to being humble.

“We never know the limit to our abilities, but humility is the engine that can push you to find out.”

Zelwyn on Friday also received the Fort Macleod Rotary Local Leadership Award, the Lucy Clifton Memorial Scholarship and an F.P. Walshe Academic Subject Award.

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