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Fort Macleod Midget Maverick earns Clint Jordan Award

Clint Jordan Memorial Award nominee Avery Wolstenholme, award recipient Brenndon Mackin and presenter Al Douglas. The award was presented Friday during Fort Macleod Minor Hockey’s awards night.

A member of the Midget Mavericks received Fort Macleod Minor Hockey’s award for a player’s playert.

Brenndon Mackin received the Clint Jordan Memorial Award during Minor Hockey’s awards Oct. 2 at the Fort Macleod and District Community Hall.

Avery Wolstenholme was the Pee Wee team’s nominee for the award.

Presented in memory of a Fort Macleod Minor Hockey player who died suddenly in 1990, the award recognizes commitment, hard work, sportsmanship and team play.

“This award is exactly what Clint Jordan was all about,” former teammate Brian Vandervalk said. “Best teammate to have, the guy with the biggest heart who tried his hardest at practice and always tried to stand up for his teammates.”

“He gave it 100 per cent every shift,” Vandervalk added. “He was a good guy in the dressing room, always trying to help anybody out who was having a hard time.”

Brenndon Mackin

Midget Mavericks coach Trevor Curran said Mackin exemplifies the qualities listed for the Jordan award.

“Brenndon has displayed all the qualities of a leader in hockey that a coach could ask for,” Curran said. “Those being hard work, dedication, sportsmanship and team play.”

Curran said Mackin strived to improve, sought out feedback from his coaches and was quick to put the advice into play.

“This is a quality of a young man who is not afraid to be critical of himself and also have confidence and modesty to ask for help,” Curran said, describing Mackin as coachable.

Mackin had six goals and six assists in 15 regular season games, along with 48 penalty minutes.

“Brenndon is an outstanding young leader who has made a difference on the Midget Mavericks,” Curran said. “And who is committed to the overall success of the team.”

Mackin shows leadership by example, Curran said, giving 100 per cent every shift and playing hard in both the offensive and defensive aspects of hockey.

“In the time that I have known Brenndon he has demonstrated exceptional skill, and dedication to his team,” Curran said.

Avery Wolstenholme

Pee Wee Mavericks coach Nick Beer said Avery Wolstenholme embodies the characteristics listed for the Clint Jordan Memorial Award.

Beer said Wolstenholme works hard in practices and games.

“We had some issues this year with injuries and illness and so we had some times where we had a pretty short bench,” Beer said. “Avery had to play a lot of minutes — I think up to 40 minutes one game.”

“She never backed down, always skating hard.”

Wolstenholme was dedicated and committed to her team, rarely missing practice and suiting up for every game.

“Despite the fact we asked her to play a lot of minutes in a hard position and she was one of our top defencemen, she rarely ended up in the penalty box,” Beer added. “She would often lead the cheers for the opposing team after the game, and lead our cheers at the beginning.”

Wolstenholme had two goals and nine assists in 16 regular season games, along with 26 penalty minutes.

The Pee Wee Mavericks named Wolstenholme captain at the outset of the season.

“We’re very proud of her and think she is very deserving of this nomination,” Beer said.

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