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Jason Day takes on Dragon’s Den

jason day on Dragons Den
Fort Macleod’s Jason Day will pitch The Webby on Dragon’s Den. Photo courtesy CBC

Jason Day faced many tough adversaries in his career as a mixed martial arts fighter.

On Thursday, Oct. 22 the former Fort Macleod resident steps into perhaps his biggest challenge as an entrepreneur.

Day enters the Dragon’s Den at 7 p.m. Thursday on CBC TV to pitch The Webby, a new training tool.

A successful pitch during Small Business Week will boost the young business.

The Webby is a circular exercise ladder used for training by fighters, football players and other athletes.

Day lives in Vancouver and works as a stuntman and actor, in addition to operating The Webby business.

According to The Webby’s Web site, Day started training in mixed martial arts in his early 20s, which led to his career in the UFC under the moniker, “Dooms Day.”

During his fighting years, Day trained with movement coach Tanya Lee from Body Art Motion. While working on agility drills, Day imagined an agility ladder that would help fighters train angles more efficiently.

Agility training was key to Day’s career as an athlete, and continues as a focus in his current fitness regime. Recognizing the limitations of traditional agility equipment and ladders, he took on the task of revolutionizing agility training with The Webby.

Day will pitch The Webby to a panel of Canadian business moguls who have financing and  expertise available to help new businesses succeed. The Dragons are blunt in their assessment of business ideas.

The Dragons are Arlene Dickinson, Jim Treliving, Lane Merrifield, Manjit Minhas, Michelle Romanow and Vincenzo Guzzo.

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