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Livingstone Range surveys public for budget help

Changes to provincial education funding means Livingstone Range will cut $2.2-million from its budget over the next two years.

Trustees are reaching out to the public until Sunday, March 22 for help setting priorities.

“We have a very tight time line,” superintendent Darryl Seguin said, referring to the school division’s deadline to submit its budget to the province.

Livingstone Range has developed an on-line survey that asks people to list their most important areas for the 2020-’21 budget and three-year education plan.

Seguin told trustees about the survey during their March 11 meeting at the G.R. Davis Administration Building in Fort Macleod.

“We’ve modelled this similar to our vision, mission and core values,” Seguin said.

The school division’s mission statement reads: “Livingstone Range School Division inspires excellence through meaningful relationships, innovation, and collaboration.”

The school division’s vision is: “Every student, every day.”

Livingstone Range lists as its core values: student-centered; leadership; integrity; wellness and place-based.

The survey also asks people to list one area that would have the greatest impact on them as a student, parent, staff member of community member.

The third question asks for innovative ideas to maximize available funding.

Finally, people are asked to choose their top five priorities from the following list:

• Small class sizes.

• Classroom supports such as education assistants, career practitioners, and child and youth care workers.

• Great school culture, including safe and caring, meaningful relationships and inclusive.

• Academics, including literacy, numeracy, sciences, and exam preparation courses.

• Leadership, including the Leader In Me, student leadership, character building, service learning opportunities.

• High quality teaching, including professional development for all staff.

• Options such as arts, music, shop, cosmetology, drama and second languages.

• Unique programming including FACES, the ski academy at Livingstone school, First Nations, Metis and Inuit programming, hockey academies, and experiential learning week.

• Transportation to and from school and for extracurricular activities.

• Facilities that are modernized and well-maintained.

• Technology including robotics, media, flexible programming, on-line courses and computers.

• Mental health support including counselling.

• Place-based learning in which students use the school yard, community and surrounding areas.

“We tried to keep the survey fairly simple,” Seguin said.

Trustees will consider the survey results during a meeting of the whole on March 25.

The survey is on the school division Web site at