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New minister for Trinity United Church

Rev miyeon kim
Rev. MiYeon Kim

Trinity United Church, with our sister church in Granum, is pleased to welcome Rev. MiYeon Kim to our midst.

Rev. Kim answered the call to become Trinity United’s minister and started work with us on Aug. 1. She is warm, vibrant, has an out-going personality, and has settled into the church with grace and humility.  

By way of introduction, Rev. Kim says, “I originally came from South Korea before marrying my husband and moving to Canada. Prior to being admitted to the Order of Ministry within the United Church of Canada, I was an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea and bring this identity to my ministry within the United Church, particularly skills in Christian education and congregational growth.”

“One of my strong gifts for ministry is music. I love music, especially I love singing. I grew up participating in the children and then youth choirs in church. As well, I was a soloist in my university choir for four years. I am grateful to God for giving me this wonderful gift and use it for God’s purposes.”

“Children’s ministry is one of my passions. In my previous ministry, I co-ordinated the vacation bible school and Advent Adventure for children in town. Also, I have created, with other music leaders in the United Church, as series of YouTube Children Dance videos, so that children can joyfully praise the wonderful God with their voices and motions. I am looking forward to seeing more young families in Trinity United Church.”

“My other passions in ministry are worship and pastoral care. I look forward to creating vibrant and inspirational Sunday worship services with all.”

“From what I have seen so far, one of the best qualities of Trinity United Church is welcoming.  Jesus describes the kingdom of God as a banquet where invitations keep extending beyond the original guest list. We welcome you in the love of Jesus, no matter who you are. How could we block you when God calls you in love! We dream that everyone feels God’s presence as they visit our church.”

“Trinity United exists for the community. We know our faith is manifested when we love, care and serve. This is what Jesus did for us.”

“In this pandemic, I know many struggle physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. May the hope of God be with you all. And remember that you are not alone. Our church doors are open every Sunday for service at 11 a.m.”