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Nova Scotia tragedy touches Fort Macleod

A group of Fort Macleod residents, including members of the Red Hatters and Citizens On Patrol, gathered April 24 at the RCMP detachment to observe a moment of silence with Sgt. Bryan Mucha for the 22 victims of the shooting last week in Portapique, Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia tragedy that saw 22 people gunned down touched the hearts of Fort Macleod residents.
A hastily organized moment of silence was observed at 2 p.m. outside the Fort Macleod RCMP detachment.
“I think when things are ripping the community apart we have to show solidarity,” said Marilyn Roemer, who organized the gathering. “This is not a good time for anybody and it’s been compounded by this horrible tragedy.”
Roemer said the moment of silence was intended to show support for the people of Nova Scotia, as well as the RCMP, who had a member killed trying to stop the gunman.
“I think it was the least we could do, really,” Roemer said.
At 3 p.m. April 24, the Christ Church Anglican bells rang out 22 times in tribute to the victims.
Twenty-two people were murdered in the Nova Scotia community of Portapique during a 13-hour shooting rampage carried out by a 51-year-old denturist.
The killer was wearing an RCMP uniform and driving a replica RCMP cruiser.
Among the victims was Const. Heidi Stevenson, a 23-year veteran of the RCMP, who was killed after she used her vehicle to ram the gunman’s car in an attempt to stop the rampage.
Sgt. Bryan Mucha, who has command of the Fort Macleod RCMP detachment, joined the group of citizens for the moment of silence.
Mucha said although he didn’t know Stevenson, he went through RCMP training at about the same time.
“For me, it hits close to home,” Mucha said of knowing he had shared experiences with Stevenson and had about the same number of years of service.
Mucha said while the death of a member touches other RCMP, the morale in his detachment remains strong.
“It’s going to effect each of us differently as individuals,” Mucha said.
Mucha said his detachment is thinking especially of Stevenson’s family, including her two children.
The Fort Macleod RCMP members have all the victims and their families in their hearts.
“From my perspective it’s not just the member who was killed,” Mucha said. “It’s horrible for all the people who were killed and their families.”
Mucha said he appreciates the Fort Macleod residents taking time to hold the moment of silence at the detachment.

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