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Two Dragons join Jason Day’s team

Former UFC fighter Jason (Dooms) Day, who is originally from Fort Macleod, pitched his sports training product Thursday on the CBC TV show Dragon’s Den.

A former UFC fighter ventured into the Dragon’s Den on Thursday to face a panel of fierce business people.

Jason (Dooms) Day emerged victorious with two new partners and a needed influx of $50,000 to grow his business.

Day pitched his sports training product, The Webby, to business moguls Arlene Dickinson, Jim Treliving, Lane Merrifield, Manjit Minhas, Michelle Romanow and Vincenzo Guzzo.

“He’s a great representative of the product,” Dickenson said.

Merrifield, who partnered with Romanow to invest in The Webby, agreed.

“Ultimately that’s who I’m investing in,” Merrifield said.

The episode of Dragon’s Den debuted Thursday on CBC TV.

The format of the long-running program has an entrepreneur such as Day pitch their product to a panel of experienced business people known as the Dragons.

The Dragons offer useful and sometimes blunt feedback, and often invest in the showcased product.

In Day’s case, the product was a circular “ladder” used for training by fighters, football and soccer players and other athletes.

Day, who is originally from Fort Macleod, conceived the idea for The Webby during training in his 10-year career as a mixed martial arts fighter, including a stint with the UFC.

“Through the years I have come to realize the importance of footwork in athletics,” Day said.

Day, who was making the first-ever virtual pitch on Dragon’s Den, had his friend Miguel Valdez demonstrate The Webby in studio.

Day realized he could improve on the traditional agility ladder used by athletes to improve footwork.

The ladder puts athletes through a straight pattern of footwork, which Day found lacking.

“Sports is not linear,” Day told the Dragons.

In 2009 Day came up with a circular design for the agility training tool that he dubbed The Webby.

Day told the Dragons he has invested about $110,000 of his own money in The Webby, and has realized about $65,000 in sales.

“Now Dragons, who is ready to jump in the ring with me and change the way the world moves?” Day asked the panel.

Dickinson first had a question of her own for Day, who is a stunt man and actor.

“Do you double for Tom Cruise?” Dickinson asked.

That brought a smile to Day’s face as he replied, “I appreciate that. But I’m a little too big for Tom Cruise.”

Day told the Dragons it takes about $11 to produce each Webby, which sell for $65 apiece.

Day was seeking a $50,000 investment to produce training videos, and help from any Dragon partner with marketing.

“I want a strategic partner,” said Day, who offered 10 per cent of his company in return for $50,000. “I want a partner to help me with some marketing, help me with some e-commerce.”

Romanow offered to be a partner, but wanted 25 per cent of the company.

Merrifield countered with an offer of $50,000 in return for 15 per cent of the company and a royalty of $5 from the sale of each Webby until he recoups the original investment.

The former UFC fighter had a counterpunch of his own.

“Lane and Michelle, is there any way you guys would want to come in on this together?’ Day asked.

Romanow and Merrifield agreed to be partners, each with a 10 per cent share of the company and a $5 royalty on sales until the original investment is repaid.

“Yeah,” Day said with a smile. “Let’s do it.”