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Walshe stages Blue and White Night

F.P. Walshe school last week paid tribute to its student athletes.

Year-end awards were handed out June 16 during the annual Blue and White Night, which was livestreamed on Facebook.

The annual awards ceremony could not be conducted in person due to limits on the size of public gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m really happy to be able to do this with you guys and celebrate with you,” assistant principal Randy Bohnet said.

Bohnet thanked staff members Aimee Sandham and Chris Baxter, as well as all the coaches.

Bohnet said the efforts of the volunteer coaches is sometimes a thankless job but is valued by F.P. Walshe school.

“We see it here at the school, the excitement in the kids,” Bohnet said. “We see the impact in the school.”

Bohnet said the assistance of students who volunteered as scorekeepers and officials is also valued and appreciated.

Bohnet said it is important to remember what school sports is about.

“Sometimes we get caught up in the winning and things like that, and at times we might get a little too caught up in that,” Bohnet said. “This is about character building, and building you as a person.”

Bohnet urged the student athletes as they go forward in life to keep things in perspective when it comes to sports.

“It’s a microcosm of life and it gives you an opportunity to face challenges and to face them with dignity and respect . . . and gratitude for those who are providing these opportunities for you.”

Sandham paid tribute to the junior high B boys volleyball team which won its banner, as well as the junior varsity boys and girls basketball teams, which earned the Chinook league’s sportsmanship awards.

Sandham also recognized individuals who received league awards, including volleyball all-stars Payton Van Driesten and John Zmurchyk, basketball all-star Esther Oosterwijk, and basketball and volleyball all-star Sheridan George.

The following awards were presented at Blue and White Night:

Junior High Citizens of the Year: Middle School, Jocelyn Van Herk, Taren Broderson and Joseph Paguio; Grade 9, Breanne Van Herk and Ben Oosterwijk.

Junior High Athlete of the Year: Ben Oosterwijk and Lalaine Mendoza.

Danny Paskal Memorial Award: Logan Markland and Sheridan George.

Danny Van Wyck Memorial Award — Shelby Scout-Bastien and Zelwyn Hugo.

Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball: Most Improved Player, Alisha Larson; Leadership Award: Brynlee Van Sluys; and Most Outstanding Player, Hannah Boot.

Senior Girls Volleyball: Most Dedicated, Shelby Scout-Bastien; Leadership Award, Payton Van Driesten; and Most Outstanding Player, Sheridan George.

Senior Boys Volleyball: Most Dedicated Player, Jared Feyter; Most Coachable Player, Joeper Paguio; Most Improved Player, John Zmurchyk.

Senior Girls Basketball: Dedication Award, Carson Smith; Heart and Hustle Award, Esther Oosterwijk; Most Outstanding Player, Sheridan George.

Senior Boys Basketball: Most Valuable Offensive Player, Tristan Luther; Most Valuable Defensive Player, Joeper Paguio; Leadership Award, Ryan Cervo.

Grade 11 Letter Awards — Payton Van Driesten, volleyball second year; Esther Oosterwijk, basketball first year; Sydney Perry, basketball first year.

Grade 12 Letter Awards — Shelby Scout-Bastien, volleyball first year; Sidney Wolff, basketball first year; Tess Luther, basketball first year; Sheridan George, volleyball third year and basketball third year.

Grade 12 Walshe Plaque — Hannah Poffenroth, Ashley Smith, Greg Burrows, Roy Fournier, Logan Markland, Matthew Possin, rugby; Sheridan George, volleyball, basketball and track and field; Tess Luther and Sidney Wolff, rugby and basketball; Shelby Scout-Bastien.

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