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Willow Creek MD to seek meeting with MLA over feedlot

roger reid
Roger Reid

The MD of Willow Creek Municipal Planning Commission will meet with the local MLA to discuss the cumulative impact of feedlots on infrastructure.

At its July 8 meeting, the MPC was presented information on a 20,000 chicken farm for the Hutterian Brethren of Granum at SE-25-11-28-4.

Coun. John Kroetsch noted this operation is not on the same parcel as the proposed feedlot the Hutterian Brethren of Granum is applying for south of Claresholm.

Coun. Glen Alm, who chairs the MPC, said an area structure plan is needed to see how all this development fits together, and the municipal district needs to talk to the colony about their future plans.

MD of Willow Creek manager of planning and development Cindy Chisholm said the public works department is concerned about the impact of the development on the bridge crossing Meadow Creek.

Alm said there was not a lot of information provided, certainly not enough to comment on the chicken operation.

Mike Burla of the Oldman River Regional Services Commission said the MD of Willow Creek needs the full picture such as where a new colony will be located, noting the agricultural infrastructure is being done before locating the colony.

At that point, a map was brought up and magnified, which showed a notation indicating the site of a new colony.

The MPC then went into closed session to discuss the matter.

Upon reverting to open session, Coun. Evan Berger wondered if the Natural Resources Conservation Board approved the agricultural operation, if the colony then was automatically approved as well.

Berger said the MD of Willow Creek has to talk to the MLA to see if the MPC is even necessary if the Natural Resources Conservation Board in this case, and the Alberta Utilities Commission in the case of a proposed solar farm east of Stavely, have already been approved without local input.

Both the board and commission decisions take precedence over municipal decisions.

“There are cumulative effects,” Berger said of the developments.

Berger also said all this development was being done piecemeal.

Coun. Ian Sundquist said these developments will put more stress on infrastructure, including provincial bridges, because of the haul routes to and from the agricultural facilities.

The MPC then agreed to set up a meeting with Livingstone-Macleod MLA Roger Reid to discuss the impact of these developments.

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