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Cancer Society launches daffodil fund-raiser

The Canada Cancer Society holds its Daffodil Campaign every year to fund research.

Every April, the Canadian Cancer Society’s  Daffodil Campaign raises money to improve the quality of life for people affected by all cancers and bring them hope.

A key part of this effort is supporting the groundbreaking work of cancer researchers across the country.

“To kick off the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Campaign, we are proud to highlight innovative research projects that our donors are helping to fund,” Canadian Cancer Society CEO Andrea Seale said. “These unique projects are harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, smart devices and robotics to revolutionize cancer care and save lives.”

The goal of the 27 Spark grants, a joint $4-million research initiative from Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Brain Canada, is to apply novel technologies and encourage cross-sector collaboration to address key challenges in cancer prevention and early detection.

Research being funded includes:

• A project that assesses whether contact lenses can not only help you see, but also provide information about the wearer’s breast cancer risk.

• A test that screens for lung cancer by looking at chemicals in breath and sweat.

• A nano-sized thermometer to detect small, early stage melanoma skin cancers based on slight differences in skin temperature.

“We urgently need new approaches and support from our communities so that more cancers can be prevented or detected earlier, when treatments are most likely to work” Seale said. “We are calling on all Canadians to support the Daffodil Campaign as the most impactful way to push the boundaries and improve the quality of life for people affected by cancer.”

Due to physical distancing requirements, the Canadian Cancer Society will not be selling daffodil pins or fresh flowers, or canvassing door-to-door this year.

Donations are being accepted at

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