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Local investors to enhance Queen’s Hotel in Fort Macleod

A local group of investors have joined together with the common goal to restore the Queen’s Hotel to, once again, make it a prominent hub for dining and accommodation on Fort Macleod’s historic Main Street.

The planned multi-million-dollar investment will involve restoring, updating, and constructing an addition with an emphasis on the historical nature of the heritage building.

The new owners are working closely with current staff to continue and enhance existing operations while detailed construction plans and schedules are developed for the restoration.

Since the beginning of Fort Macleod’s formation, the Queen’s Hotel has stood as a cornerstone to this town’s success.

Established in 1886 as two wood frame buildings and later demolished and rebuilt in 1903, the Queen’s Hotel became Macleod’s first building of its kind to be built with sandstone.

This particular style of construction created a sense of stability and permanence for the town due to its fire-proofing properties.

The sandstone front became particularly useful as a defense against the devastating fire of 1906 that nearly removed Main Street from the map.

Queens Hotel
Historic Queens Hotel

Upon completion, the hotel was a beacon of financial and social success, as it became the choice of hotel for travelling business people, politicians, farmers, tourists and government officials.

From the early 1900s and up until the 1940s, the Queen’s Hotel was a crucial asset for the town as it opened doors to new opportunities.

The Queen’s provided short-term lodging for farmers and ranchers in town to do business, for tourists looking for comfortable accommodations, for newcomers evaluating Fort Macleod as a place to settle, and for commercial travellers looking for sales and investment opportunities.

After the Second World War however, tastes in travel accommodations changed and, as more people moved out of small towns and into cities, the Queen’s fortunes declined.

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