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Macleod residents urged to complete census

Statistics Canada launched the 2021 census earlier this month.

The results will have a large impact on services and programs in Fort Macleod.

“We would encourage everyone to get involved and be counted,” Mayor Brent Feyter said. “It’s pretty simple to do.”

Feyter raised the issue during council’s May 10 meeting at the G.R. Davis Administration Building.

Statistics Canada delivered a census letter in the mail with instructions on how to complete their questionnaire on-line, on paper or over the phone.

Census questionnaires are assigned by household, and the census of population enumerates the entire Canadian population.

“We’re hoping to see an increase in population,” Feyter said.

Coun. Kristi Edwards echoed the importance of Fort Macleod residents completing the census.

“I think that a lot of people don’t understand how important that is to our community,” Edwards said. “The data that’s collected in that census is vitally important.”

Edwards noted the population as determined by the census is used in grant applications that help fund infrastructure projects as well as services.

Funding is awarded based on a community’s population.

“It’s really important and I hope that individuals recognize that we want everyone to be counted because they all matter, and we want our community to be reflected the way it actually stands,” Edwards said.

Data collected in the 2021 census will inform many of the government’s economic and health-related policy decisions.

Canadian farm operators were also asked to complete the 2021 Census of Agriculture questionnaire to help update Canada’s agricultural profile.

Census of Agriculture data provides information to manage federal and provincial government expenditures in support of the agriculture sector

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